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True Canadian poppers. Very powerful, this true poppers ("as before") is very appreciated also for the long duration of the effects that it provides. GRAND FLACON 30 ML LONG

Once again in long form: discreet, the bottle holds in the palm of the hand and hides easily in the pocket of jeans ...

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What is POPPERS?

Previously marketed for medical purposes for some cardiac affections, the ampoules containing these substances produced at the opening a noise (pop) which gave the name to the product. The main side effects observed were euphoria and a feeling of relaxation, which were diverted to be used during sexual intercourse between individuals.

Given their vasodilatory qualities, poppers have a reputation for helping to relax the individual, giving short dizziness, sensations of internal warmth and exacerbated sensuality.

In the 1970s, poppers circulated in homosexual circles for their effects on sexuality: increased duration of erection, amplification of orgasmic contractions, delayed ejaculation. They become especially famous on the scene of fist-fucking, which is worth to them, again in 2015, the image of a product that "dilates the anus" ...

How to sniff poppers? How to breathe poppers? How to use the poppers? Utilization of poppers

Real poppers are banned in more and more countries around the world, so our factory now says "Leather cleaner - do not inhale", but ignore it. This way, you can pass customs without any problems during your travels.

That is how it should be used. Be careful, the liquid must not come into contact with your skin.

If your skin or eyes come in contact with poppers, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If this is not sufficient, contact the nearest poison control center or emergency room.

In addition, you should never consume real poppers with Viagra, this can cause serious heart problems.


The recommended use is to leave the bottle open in a clean, well ventilated and dry room and to allow the effects to diffuse into the ambient air.

However, common and recreational use is to inhale the nostrils directly after nostril above the vial.

The effect occurs very quickly, after a few seconds. It lasts several minutes. It depends on people. When the effect fades, try again. WARNING THE LIQUID MUST BE INHALED (BREATHED) BUT DO NOT TOUCH YOUR SKIN!


Outside of the time you use it, you must close it and protect it from heat and light. For example in the refrigerator or freezer (it will not freeze).

Remember to close the bottles as soon as you use them. This prevents it from going out and allows it to keep all its properties.

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